Each season, fashion changes, and to look chic, they should be ready for new fashion. Pakistani ladies have a wide range of style inclinations. Like how the eastern clothing standard has an enormous adhering to, western cloth have their own impact and demand. Consistently, famous design houses add new options to old works of art, giving them a new look. Today, we’ll take a gander at most famous and well-known list western clothing brands in Pakistan.

We’ve organized a rundown of brands that sell the best Western clothing brand in Pakistan, which not just assist you with refreshing your closets for certain trendy and stylish styles in pakistan, yet additionally have dresses for any occasion, for example, going to college, school, visiting your mates, or shopping.

Here are the list western clothing brands in Pakistan for you to must go through.

 1: Outfitters

Outfitters is a well-known company of western clothing brand in Pakistan.This well-known apparel company offers distinctive outfit lines to meet the needs of men, women, and children at various stages of development. They consistently create a new theme based on current international happenings. Outfitters has a complete look and enjoys seeing you dressed from head to toe, so the product selection also includes a variety of boots, shoes, and fragrances, making it a one-stop high-street shop for all needs related to western wear.

3:  Mantra

Mantra was one of the first western modern businesses in Karachi to create and offer distinctive clothing at an astounding price. It was founded in 2003 as a brand for a day-to-evening style of life. They now provide a wide range of options that are suited for women of practically all ages. Their brands provide a varied selection of items that follow the hottest trends and patterns in apparel, accessories, and products. Their MANTRA is to always offer rousing fashion at fantastic value, so they curate variety with an extraordinary vision of what's best for each season without settling for less.

4: Parien House

Parien House is a 2012-founded online apparel retailer that focuses heavily on western attire. Whether it's for a drink or a fancy dinner, they will give you the sophisticated appearance. You may choose between a dress with a short length and one with a full length. Because there are so many different styles to choose from, they provide the finest options for clothing. Continue on to examine their mid-year floral collection.

5: ONE

One is a well-known brand known for its fashion sense, styles, patterns, trends, and pricing that are unbeatable and commitment to quality. The majority of the store's inventory consists of comfortable casual clothing for both men and women, footwear, gym gear, and accessories. Their designs are cool, and the colour scheme is applied in a way that combines various tones to produce more pleasing shades.

6: Negative Apparel

Whether you're looking for professional attire, casual wear, or fashionable purses, Negative Apparel provides the most contemporary western fashion. Negative design clothing provides the standard appearance and quick styling for eye-catching ethnic wear and evening gowns. It is the top website for finding western clothing in Pakistan. They feature the widest selection of women's western attire. They import from Dubai the most up-to-date high-street or premium design trends, casual attire, and party wear. Whatever the specific inclination, the negative fashion clothing offers a wide variety of closet options, including lingerie, kami crop covers, top hoodies, office wear blazers, and formal skirts.

6: Cougar

Urban young in Pakistan who are looking for a fresh fashion trend to wear are given special attention by Cougar. They exhibit a distinct fashion while providing a solid, comfortable fashion. All types of individuals may find a large selection of casual clothing and accessories at COUGAR. Smooth skirts, slacks, leggings, coats, jackets, sweaters, and sweatshirts are included in COUGAR's women's range. With its own production and research facility, COUGAR is able to offer the most recent products to its customers at the most competitive prices.

7: Khaadi

One of Pakistan's well-known brands is Khaadi. Thanks to its high quality and fashionable clothing, this brand has become well known all over the world. Whether it is about the western dress or the eastern dress, it never fails to make a valuable value for itself in the clothing line thanks to its distinctive style, which has captured the hearts of many women.

 8: Sapphire

Sapphire is the second-leading western apparel company in Pakistan, and if you're searching for a commanding appearance with a western motif, Sapphire is the only option that can consistently meet your needs with the newest trends.

9: Limelight

If you're searching for skirts, shirts, pants, and jeans in Pakistan that are reasonably priced and provide an endless selection of western clothing, Limelight is the place to go. Additionally, it has the greatest selection of winter clothing.

10: Quiz

Have you ever hosted a gathering. Given the variety of looks you can create by mixing and matching different pieces, the quiz will determine your look for the evening. All you need to do is choose the appropriate footwear and you're ready to go. One of the most popular western brands that we like visiting is Quiz.


Mango has a cut and a speciality of its own when it comes to incredibly chic and in-demand fashion for the fashionable Pakistani young girl who enjoys experimenting with various looks. Mango steps in with a variety of clothes to suit you for every occasion as a result. Mango is hence one of Pakistan's most cherished brands.

12: Edenrobe

Western tops of the highest calibre and greatest design may be found at Edenrobe. Its western dresses are stylish and elegant and are very pleasant. To improve the quality of your life, you may invest in their tank tops and western tops. For its devoted customers, Edenrobe offers a seductive selection of western blouses, tank tops, bottoms, and trousers.

In order to meet the needs of fashionistas, Edenrobe is providing various forms of help online. You may rely on Edenrobe's significant service to complete your trendy and well-liked wardrobe.

13: Janie

Janie want to raise the bar for design and style so that you would spend money on their high-quality western dresses. Along with western dress, bags, and other accessories, they provide a large range of stylish western clothing for customers.

Vera and Lucci offers simple, distinctive, and stylish dresses, so shopping there will give your personality more style.

So this was the list of western clothing brands in Pakistan . These brands offer plenty of shirts and tops with wonderful designs, colors, sizes, and fabrics. The western wear add style to your closet, and the items are absolutely basic, entrancing, and 100 percent unique for the ladies. The above-mentioned lodging of a wide range of western dress brands in Pakistan gives significant and trendiest articles in the market to meet the style needs of individuals. Following this western apparel, you will get quality and intensity at once for casual and formal meet-ups. These brands give you clothing stuff in the affordable range which won’t affect your financial budget and will be a pocket saver for you.